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 IBOI Certification Application Requirement:

IBOI Part 2 Oral Examination

Any Applicant should take Comprehensive Board Review Course (21 CE) in addition of (200 CE the theoretical part) and passed the Part 1 Written Examination

IBOI Part 2 Oral Examination

Oral Examination case requirements:

  • 50 Documented Cases is required for the General Practitioner and 25 Documented Cases for the Specialist, each case will get 10 points if performed under supervision. The Applicant performs an Oral Implantology surgery in one of his or her patients under the supervision of an IBOI board of directors.

  • You will be required to submit only TEN (10) cases that should be Fully Documented in (IBOI Case Submission Template downloaded from in all.

  • The 10 Cases should cover the following:


  1. Anterior Single-tooth replacement

  2. Posterior Single-tooth replacement

  3. Immediate Dental placement after extraction

  4. Free-end "saddle" edentulous (Maxilla or Mandible) requiring with more than one implant

  5. Bounded Mandible or Maxilla with more than one implant to support a bridge

  6. Fully edentulous Maxilla with fixed prosthesis

  7. Fully edentulous Mandible with fixed prosthesis

  8. Fully edentulous Mandible or maxilla with implant overdenture

  9. Pneumatized Maxillary Sinus requiring augmentation

  10. Horizontal and/or Vertical Ridge Augmentation

  • The remaining Cases Documentation can be filled in the attached form attached with High Resolution:

    • Preoperative and Postoperative OPG

    • Photographs for the Prosthetic part

  • Your submitted cases should be functional and restored for a minimum of one year at the time of case submission.

  • For the beginners, minimum of ten cases should be done under supervision.


•    The Total Fees of Part 2 Oral Examination is US$750.
•    You need to pay US$50 as an evaluation fee for your submitted cases..
•    You will receive a confirmation letter once your cases get approved.
•    The evaluation fees will be deducted from the total fees of Part 2 Oral Examination.
•    In case of rejection of your application, the evaluation fees are non-refundable
•    All the submitted cases and lists will be evaluated by IBOI Board of Directors.
•    In case of rejection of your application, a full refund will be done to the original form of payment minus any transaction fees.



Note: * For Registration fill Part 2 Oral Examination Registration Form

For further clarification, please contact the IBOI office.

Rules of IBOI Examinations:

  • Minimum 70% score for part 1 Written Examination.

  • Minimum 70% score for part 2 Oral Examination.


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