General Terms and Conditions


  • Tamimi Academy is conducting 17 Modules.

  • All the Modules will have the International Accreditation for continuing Education Hours (CE/CME) and can be used for renewing the license in some countries, plus collecting the needed CE points for IBOI Diplomate or no pain clinic certificate.

Each Applicant must fulfill the following Clinical Requirements, as part of the Practical Training Part:

  • 50 Documented Cases for the General Practitioner and 25 Documented Cases for the Specialist, each case will get 10 points if performed under supervision. The participant performs an implantation surgery in one of his or her patients under the supervision of an IBOI board of directors.

Total CE Hours can be earned from IBOI complete Curriculum are  470 CE as following:

  • 200 Hours from complete series of basic modules (10 modules)  

  • 100 Hours from complete series of advanced modules (6 modules) 

  • 100 CE of Ten (10) Cases performed under supervision.

  • 20 CE of Module 11 Comprehensive Board Review Module (obligatory prior to IBOI exam.)

  • 40 CE Written Examination

  • 10 CE Oral Examination

  • Any costs during the practical training are to be settled directly with the supervisor. The cost for supervision like honorary and cost of material are not included in the module fees.

  • Any Participant will get a “Certificate of Attendance” for each Module from Tamimi Academy with the relevant CE points.​

  • Any participant successfully passed part 1 and part 2 examination of IBOI will be designated IBOI Diplomate in a prestigious ceremony (certificate and medal)

  • Any Participant completed a minimum of 30 CE points for the no pain clinic program will get the NO PAIN CLINIC certificate from Tamimi Academy.

  • All particular modules will be running worldwide in different countries, for registration you can contact your local country partner of Tamimi Academy or IBOI Ambassador, for calendar and contacts visit our websites and


Re-certification of IBOI Diplomate Status

  • The IBOI Diplomate status is valid 10 years from the Date of issue

  • IBOI Diplomate should meet the following criteria in order to be re-certified:

    • 200 CE Hours Points in Implantology conferences, Symposiums, e-learning or courses etc.

    • 50 Documented Implant Cases should be done in the period of 10 years

    • Re-Certification Fees is 200 US Dollars