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Module 5 –Basic Surgical Procedures of dental implants in the Daily Practice (PART I)

In this module will cover different procedures of implant surgery, including the incision procedures, full periosteal flap, implant positioning, generation of the implant bed, suturing techniques, and follow-up after surgery are illustrated in a systematic fashion Basic surgical procedures.

  • Treatment Plan and Documentation (entries, surgery reports, casts, X-rays, CBCT, photographs, slides) in Dental Implantology Cases.

  • Dental Implant Loading techniques.

  • Incision surgical procedures.

  • Immediate, delayed immediate, and delayed implant placement.

  • Soft Tissue Surgery

  • Soft Tissue deficiencies examples with different ways to correct.

  • Bone preparation and osteotomy Principles.

  • Concept of Osseointegration and Ortho-integration.

  • Full periosteal flap

  • Spreading, condensing Techniques.

  • Membrane techniques and how to stabilize bone substitute materials

  • Be aware of Flap designs, Suture techniques and wound closure:

    • Various techniques for implant exposure

    • Papilla forming technique

  • Hands on models to demonstrate the basic procedures in placing implants by different implant systems, Hands on for different suturing techniques.

Course Duration (Days): 2 Days

Language: English

Total Points: 20 CE

  • 16 CE (2 days per 8 hours)

  • 1 CE (Hands on training)

  • 1 CE (Case Discussions)

  • 2 CE (Review and Session Exam)

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