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  • Any Applicant should take module 11 (Comprehensive Board Review Course) (20 CE) in addition of (200 CE the theoretical part) to enter IBOI Part 1 Written Examination and IBOI Part 2 Oral  Examination

  • Dates of Module 11 Comprehensive Board Review Course will be posted on the IBOI website and our Social Media as soon as they are available.

Comprehensive Board Review Course 
(IBOI Part 1 and Part 2 Examination Prep) 

This special module will be discussing different topics focusing on Examination criteria of both parts, discussing different cases from treatment plan, detailed surgical procedures performed, prosthetic options, aftercare and managing complications,

  • Training on different multiple choice questions and answering procedures

  • Stress Breaking in the Oral Examination

  • Treatment options for severely atrophied maxilla and mandible.

The IBOI Oral Examination consists of standardized case presentation that the participant submits to the IBOI. You will be required to submit TEN (10) cases that should be Fully Documented in all. Participants will be examined on the cases that are submitted, all the cases templates can be downloaded from Case Submission Template

The 10 Cases should cover the following:

  1. Anterior Single-tooth replacement

  2. Posterior Single-tooth replacement

  3. Immediate Dental implant placement after extraction

  4. Free-end "saddle" edentulous (Maxilla or Mandible) requiring with more than one implant

  5. Bounded Mandible or Maxilla with more than one implant to support a bridge

  6. Fully edentulous Maxilla with fixed prosthesis

  7. Fully edentulous Mandible with fixed prosthesis

  8. Fully edentulous Mandible or maxilla with implant overdenture

  9. Pneumatized Maxillary Sinus requiring augmentation

  10. Horizontal and/or Vertical Ridge Augmentation

  • participants will present their cases of the exam and group discussion for multiple cases.

  • How to prepare a lecture, train the trainers?

Meet the Examiners while they are presenting their cases and discussing with the participants different advanced surgical and prosthetic techniques for total rehabilitation, so the participants can understand the concept of making an ideal Treatment Plan, doing a perfect surgical technique and placing the best restorations with the ideal maintenance for different cases.

For more details click here !

Course Duration (Days): 6 Days

Language: English

Total Points: 21 CE

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